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I have been a person with a disability since the ripe age of sixteen. I am a quadriplegic with limited dexterity in my fingers. One day I decided I wanted to make an App. I researched a few websites but the cost to make an App was ridiculous. Anyone on a limited income can understand there is no margin for additional spending. I came across a site called buzztouch. I joined and the first thing I noticed was their videos for beginners like myself. I watched a few videos and thought to myself, I can do this! I could say I found buzztouch but I believe buzztouch found me.
First buzztouch provided me with a warm environment where I could be myself. I did not have to worry about people judging me at first sight because I am in a wheelchair. They could not see me! I could get out of my wheelchair, create an App in bed, and not worry about sitting in my wheelchair all day. I did not have to worry about bias and prejudice because of my disability. I am proud to be a person with a disability. Unfortunately, society does judge and discriminate against people with a disability. Society can stare at a person in a wheelchair as he or she goes to work or to the store. I did not have to worry about these things at buzztouch.
Secondly I can remember posting in the forums and within minutes a person responded. This person helped me understand everything I needed to create an App. After he took his time and gave me his e-mail address to help me individually, I posted in the forums, buzztouch has great customer service. This person responded, he was not from customer service but he was just volunteering his time and expertise. I thought wow! This person is volunteering his time to help someone like me, which knew nothing about building an App, to learn how to build an App. I like this concept!
Next I started my journey to build an App. How can someone like me, a quadriplegic, build an App with no experience. This is where buzztouch came in to assist me. They have all the tools to make it easier for a person with a disability to build an App. All I had to do, in their online control panel, was to pick which screen I wanted and they connected each screen for me. There was no coding for me to learn. Of course I had some bumps in the road but buzztouch and the community forms were there to answer all my questions and assisted me with each bump.
In conclusion, I created my first App for Android. This App was an informational App about Autonomic Dysreflexia which many quadriplegics get way too often. I was so excited to see my App get published in the market. I used my disability experience to create an App for people with a disability. Remember the guy I told you earlier in this article that first helped me at buzztouch? He has become a really good friend of mine. I now use my knowledge, gained from him and buzztouch, to assist other people at buzztouch. Now, I am one of the guys to volunteer my time to help other people at buzztouch. Having a disability did not stop or even limit me from creating an App. If one older guy with a disability can create an App through buzztouch so can other people with a disability. I want to reach out to people with a disability and help them learn new exciting adventures in building an App.