Mobile Accounter

A mobile app for making data available mobile

Our customer approached us to create a mobile app that will be able to display information from their accounting program. Our task was to build a mobile application with server backup and third-party program integration. We built an app that lets users receive data in XML format from the server side and view it on the mobile devices after authorisation. The data can be displayed in different ways, for example, a user can group it by source, form tables or get it displayed in graphs for better analysis. The app performs indicating functionality, analytics, and visualisation of data in diagrams. Push Notification feature informs users when particular indicator goes over the limit. The web server enables to manage the app creating, editing, blocking, and deleting the companies which use this service.



A video-streaming website for winter sports lovers

One of our development cases was a creation of a video-streaming website for ski and snowboard lovers. The site not only lets users organise and watch videos but also has additional functionality which includes a search of a place for a run and ranking of the favourite ones. The site enables users to store and share their video collection, organising them according to different filters including geographic location, the most popular, and the most recent. The site presents a community for winter sports lovers letting users communicate with each other in real time and share their experience. The site also includes an interactive map which tours the featured mountains. The project also includes iOS application to create a native user experience for people who visit the community from their mobile devices.


Fund Data

An analytical mobile app for funds data

Our customer a wanted to create a mobile application based on the Greenwich database to keep the employees informed on 5000+ hedge funds. The main difficulty was to create a UI design which will be able to display a lot of data in graphs in a clear way without any mess. Our task was to create an app that will allow users to analyse summarised data and statistics on the chosen funds and their proforma monthly performance. Thus we built an app which analyses the funds with user-defined benchmarks and portfolios created by authorised users letting users assign weights to each fund. The system simplifies the monitoring and analysing of funds letting compare strategies, risks, and ROI in an intuitive and user-friendly form.



An analytical dashboard for the company efficiency improvement

Our customer wanted to create a tool that will be integrated into the organisational structure uniting the data about the enterprise, portfolio, programs, and team enabling advanced analysis of project data and improving decision-making practice. The system we developed enables employees to manage and support multiple projects saving, reusing, and sharing the mission-critical data via an intuitive dashboard across the organisation in a secure and timely manner.



A mobile platform for discovering and reading the relevant content

We had a project dedicated to a creation of a single mobile platform which enables users to find the content they love, read it, share, and discuss with like-minded. Our customer, an e-publisher, wanted to mobilise his business providing users to reach their favourite blogs, websites, and news channels from their mobile devices without leaving a single application. The search engine works via tags assigned to articles. The app provides access to favourite sites, lets users create streams, and follow their friends’ streams as well letting to discuss interesting topics.


Cruise Info

An informational mobile app for cruise association members

In a collaboration with a cruising association, we developed a mobile application that provides access to the database of cruising reports sharing the information on destinations and weather conditions. The app provides information only to association members requiring registration via personal accounts. The app unites over 3000 members across the globe letting them provide information, assistance and advice to each other. Thus cruising sailors can always rely on help and reliable source of information wherever they are.