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Our software development products meet the highest standards in the IT industry. Whether you're building your iOS app from scratch or re-designing and upgrading your existing applications, our experience and skill will be at your service!

Mobile solutions that transform the way you run your business: we are reputed as a top iPhone app design agency which provides mobile strategies and solutions catering our customers’ requirements and matching their business objectives. We believe that our company makes progress only when our clients’ businesses prosper.

We know how to create a perfect iOS app

Since Apple launched the iPhone in 2007, the development of iOS software has been the core of our business. This gadget modifies the way users interact with technology.

Our team

Our application development team is comprised of 100+ iOS developers, including top-level professionals with unique iOS design and architecture experience. Perfect organization and easy access to statistical data, mentoring lifestyles, teamwork, sharing of know-how and direct interaction with customers are the cornerstones of our success, enabling us to offer unparalleled solutions to improve customer investment Contribute to the rate of return.

iOS Experience

As one of the first adopters, we've tried the concept, design, usability, and functionality of the application until we've mastered the functionality and become confident enough to deliver real-world iOS solutions for business needs. Our perfect product development for iPhone can deliver the right return on investment and consumer loyalty!

What is the perfect iOS app

h6 How to check UI?

The application is more user friendly and a new iPhone can easily use it, even if it is the first application they have ever opened.

This is very important. Developers spend a lot of time in the iOS environment, preferring a more in-depth experience in the program and can be biased to make the application "easy to use". What is very comfortable for them can be quite complicated for ordinary users. Our developers are fully aware of this and will do everything possible to create the best user experience.

Good App interface

The application is visible and has all the advantages of the device screen running.

The main reason for creating a moving plan is data consumption or production. Since the smartphone screen is much smaller than the laptop screen, it is important to disclose important information that is indispensable. Excessive statistics and UI elements can lead to confusion and frustration. Our London team is aware that scant setbacks should be easy to get applications removed and replaced so they take care of every sign on the screen.

The product is useful

This is a very broad statement, but it is very correct. There are thousands of phone users, certainly there are many useful definitions. To be concise, the plan should be at least beneficial for a small group of people. Some of the most important and valuable applications today are starting out as niche programs.

The layout of the application is attractive.

The first impression is everything, especially when you compete with thousands of different software products, some of which have the same practical functionality as you. One of the best ways is to highlight the layout. The perfect design will inevitably lead to a greater user experience, so users can also convert their friends to their loyal customers.

Our process


How do we build an iOS application?

The development process of the London IT company includes several key steps:

  • Estimate
  • Needs and problems of research, market research and competitor analysis
  • Prototype. Write technical specifications
  • Layout
  • Programming
  • Test

When you come to our London developers with your ideas, they create a user story. Here we lay the groundwork for future projects to address the needs and problems of application, target market, application view, key features and functions, life cycle, monetization and so on. We also conduct market research and choose the point of sale of the application. Once you have a clear understanding of the content you are seeking, we will develop an in-depth development mandate.

If you already have an application that needs to be updated and a first-rate development, our London consultants will evaluate the program, ask questions, plan improvements and prototyping.

To visualize the future of the application and know exactly how it will run, we specify the wireframe and storyboard sketch. They are connected to each other and try to find the most acceptable layout of the application.

Once the preview is complete, you've given us feedback and the IT team will continue to encode and design iOS. We are constantly testing the product to ensure that it works at all functional levels.


iOS experience

Benefits and functionality of iOS programs

iOS developers use the Objective-C programming language to create multifunction applications, so the size of the company brings many benefits.

The benefits of iOS are:

  • Excessive functionality and interactive features. IOS applications can fully upgrade your fixed devices to their capabilities.
  • Easy access to the application With an intuitive and attractive screen icon, you can open any software with a click.
  • The interface is nice, navigation is simple and clear. IOS solution programming focuses on the display size of Apple's mobile device.

Our London developers can create four types of iPhone and iPad apps: business, content, games and utilities. The destination and type of device (smartphone or tablet) determine the form of the application. Read more.


Design is different

This problem is mainly applied to the layout phase. The new Apple device has a very high pixel density RetinaHD screen as well as the perfect application.

Primitive and unusual design decisions have always differentiated Apple products. The layout of the iPhone application is characterized by simplicity and precision. It's important to see any icon, so all the pages look attractive, incredible and incredible. We know how to draw with the requirements of iOS - trust our London digital agency, we are ready to implement our knowlege and expertise in the successful app.


How do we train iOS developers?

In our development company, we adhere to continuous improvement, sharing professional knowledge, we explore new horizons. That's why when a new coder enters our team, he or she starts an endless professional growth in iOS development.

Our iOS creation agency has five levels of professional advancement: junior developer, intermediate programmer, senior, team lead and technical director. These levels are achieved through hard work, accumulated knowledge, professional and personal improvements and an incredible desire for knowledge.

The following are the key technologies, technologies and strategies that our top iOS developers at London headquarters need to master before entering the next phase.

Phase 1: Learn how to create a fast and stable basic application with readable code

  • Software development time estimates

    This is one of the essential functions because it teaches the coder to understand the main program and check the skills. Only developers who are familiar with the special technical form may have adequate software development experience to accurately estimate resources.
  • Creation of database

    Core Data is the fastest and most efficient database for iOS. Programmers should start developing quality databases right from the start. We pay special attention to the balance and flexibility of the software.
  • Collect objects.

    This helps you fully understand the development of the database. Developers study the pros and cons of each collection.
  • UI basics & GUI Layout

    UICollectionView and UITableView are the most important parts of UIKit UI that IT specialists need to learn about how to use because each iOS program uses collections and display tables.

    The graphical UI is the basis of an excellent UX, which is why any developer of our London agent should know how to use the different elements of the GUI.

  • Client and server communication & In-app purchase

    When it comes to client-server communication, iOS has many features. Team members should understand which operations the background can run, such as starting a long-running task and solving a single request problem.

    When IT specialists discover how to create a database, use UI elements and connect to the server, and it should allow users to make in-app purchases. Most programs take into account the possibility of making money.

  • Online payment

    IPhone users like to pay for products and services through the card, each modern application should provide this opportunity. The problem to solve in this relationship is how to turn geography on and off, how to use the cluster, and how to do it if the geolocation service is not available.


Step 2: Advanced customization

Every developer in London is well aware of Apple's guidelines for building perfect applications. UIGestureRecognizer allows our specialists to control all the gestures used in the software.

The expert programmer can allow users to log on using a social networking account and perform a standard process to change the profile image. One of the things that distinguishes our team from other software development teams is our passion for work. Our creativity and innovation are as high as possible so we can build projects to world standards. We are full of vitality and we will never stop educating ourselves as the best service provider for our clients.


The cost depends on the complexity of the project

The workload directly affects the final cost of the software. The following resources can be used to develop or not to develop:

  • Layout and animation;
  • Customized custom solutions that require technical research;
  • In the development process to do the adjustment scale.

To build the product, the developer takes a certain amount of time, the simpler the task, the faster the implementation, the cheaper the final cost. To estimate your project, please contact our customer service.

Let's work together

If you have any questions to discuss, feel free to contact us by phone, email or Skype. Our team is here to help and provide our business with optimized digital products.

Share your questions or concepts with us and we will tell you as little success as possible.