Facebook Launched New Friend Location Tracking App, “Nearby Friends”

Facebook recently launched its new friend finding location service called “Nearby Friends”. This service can help you find a person in your friend list and within one mile distance. The service is based on GPS and not on internet connect ion in which IP address is being located. If you and your friends are online and connected to GPS then you can track your friends under one mile. The drawback is that as your friend will go out of one mile then you cannot track your friends. You can also trace your friend’s movement and speed at which the y are moving. However, you need to make sure that you are logged into Nearby Friend. Privacy policies have also been maintained and it will be on users to check whether they can be traced through Nearby Friends.
The best part is that you can now trace your friends in Airport, railway station and bus stations, where there is no street addresses. However, it will be possible to trace your friends in all locations. Work on GPS started in 1973 and was fully implemented in 1995. Over the years, it has been used extensively and now we do have ADSB as well that’s a new project that is going to come up.
Various Facebook apps have been developed though this one seems to be a special one. GPS is one of the most amazing sensational technologies that have been used by so many apps. Now, Facebook has cashed out of technology and done great wonders for friend group to trace their identity among themselves. This is not an app.
You just need to have following things in mind while you use this service:
Your friend needs to accept the privacy policy.
Your friend should have the Facebook app installed.
Your friend should be located within one mile.
If you fulfill all these requirements then you can trace that friend. It is not clear right now that friends online on desktop can be traced or not and that might be clear from next press release from the company.
The best part is the GPS usage and that has made the feature independent of the IP address. Facebook has the maximum number of users and hence “Nearby Friends” is going to help a lot of friends. Now it is possible to trace from Mobile, Smartphone and Tablets.
The feature is now active but you need to activate the features before using it. Once you will activate the feature you can use it and trace your friends. The fundamental behind the feature is satellite tracing. Signal is being received from the satellite and is being transmitted over the space to the required destination.
Now Facebook is going to be richer with more features and none of the GPS app is going to be required now. This will be great for Facebook and it does appear that more and more users are going to join the Facebook and tune into their friend group, better trace themselves and be connected according to their requirements.