Custom Software Development: Tailored Digital Products

Our company provides custom software development and designs of smart applications for startups and advanced enterprises, local and global businesses. We focus on scalable apps, native mobile apps, business software and other digital solutions (both customers and suppliers). Our professional developers automate routine processes, increase business productivity and create applications to connect your company with the customers.


Development of Custom Software

Our app development company offers custom commercial solutions using advanced technology. Our applications are designed to meet the unique requirements of the business, provide value and achieve continuous growth.

Development of Digital Strategy

We will support the creation of a large-scale online strategy, the contribution of new creative ideas, the audit of existing solutions, the testing of various concepts, the verification of ideas, commercial analysis, market research, online promotion, etc.

A Talented Team

An experienced team of experts is made up of talented developers, designers, project managers, analysts, evaluators and support specialists. The best way to ensure the success of any project is to establish close communication with the client, regardless of the time zone in which he speaks and the language he speaks. The multicultural team finds the most convenient way to communicate.


Our company offers business consulting services for companies to increase productivity, optimize online strategies and approach new customers. Our expert analysts will audit your business, find weaknesses and strengths, and propose an efficient business optimization strategy.

Software Solution

Digital solutions of various complexities and sizes, including the cloud solution, the ERP system (business resource planning), the CRM software (customer relationship management), the independent platform, the e-commerce website, the tool complex business, the minimum executable product Covers MVP) that has been developed.

Continuous Support

We provide support and continuous maintenance to each product, guarantee stability, efficiency, security, take care of digital products and spend on the development of the company.

Our Principles

We are focusing on results and advancement skills. Therefore, we carefully choose the tools and approaches to use throughout the development process. The three principles guided by the app development team are the following.
We use lean principles to organize internal processes and development projects. The Lean approach is an innovative and iterative way to ensure efficiency and success. This allows us to know your business and quickly find the right solutions.
Agile methodology is the most effective approach for complex software development projects. With this iterative method, we can offer products that can be sent in a short period of time. This iteration takes 1 to 2 weeks. In that we can continue to improve, you can get an app that works and can use it as it is.
Cooperation. Our development, design and analysis team is working closely together throughout the project. Business analysts look to your company and create a business personality that talented designers translate to the appearance of their software. At the same time, the programmer manages the technical aspects of the project and writes the code that powers the app. This is the way we work to provide products that reflect your expectations and reflect brand identity.

Custom and off the Shelf

Since it is believed that many entrepreneurs are considerably more expensive than the established prefabricated solutions, we avoid development separately. Ready applications can really meet your needs if you want basic software to handle typical basic tasks. However, even in this case, it is impossible to satisfy the customer's request with software already prepared. First, you must customize it to correctly perform the required operation. The cost of such optimization can exceed the cost of developing custom apps. In addition to the costs, many companies have chosen the development of custom apps. Therefore, we guarantee to be the owner of the source code. To keep it updated in the changing market in the future, the environment.

Disadvantages of Ready-made Apps

In addition, you must pay a license fee to use a commercially available program. The license fee amounts to millions of dollars. Large-scale software companies that distribute commercial programs often review apps. In other words, you need to update your custom product every two years and continue to use it. These updates can cause serious losses because you must stop online operations until the software is updated.

Is it Necessary to Create a Custom App or Buy Ready-made Products?

The following aspects can help you decide if you develop a custom business app or a prepared solution.
  • Budget

    This aspect is related to cost and income. If you buy licenses for ready-made apps, you must do a cost-benefit analysis to see if you can get a return on your investment. In the case of custom apps, the investment effect will increase because you can change them and sell them to your liking when the resources to maintain the investment disappear.
  • Developers

    If you buy ready-made apps, there is no guarantee that the providers will maintain their activity for a long time to maintain, support and update your app. With the custom software you can hire full-time developers, or you can delegate the development of applications to third parties. However, if you choose subcontracting, you should carefully check the background and experience of the developer and make sure they have a good reputation and skills to build the necessary products.
  • Time to the Product

    From the moment you buy a license, you can use a commercially available solution. In the case of TaylorMade software, it is necessary to wait until the development and implementation is complete.
  • The pre-Existing Implementation Solution

    Is to standardize and integrate business processes with insufficient customization. On the one hand, if different branches of a larger organization start in accordance with these unified processes, there is the possibility that savings and productivity can be improved. On the other hand, the company needs to adapt the established procedure to the app.
Advantages of Custom Software
There are three typical solutions for companies that need software products that meet their needs, such as using an Excel spreadsheet to buy ready-made applications or outsourcing custom software development. To select the best solution, you must consider the key factors of the development cost and time frame, the cost of support after launch, the efficiency of the app, the improvement of the service and the flexibility.

Possible Risk

However, since there are various risks, such as inadequate training, cost overruns, product instability, inadequate adaptation, etc., assessing the efficiency of various options also means how the solution is actually implemented. You can not predict Therefore, to avoid such risks, it is also necessary to consider the type of industry, the scale, the sales and the process. In the end, before deciding to invest money in one of the solutions, think of all the possible ways that the company can take in the future.

Why are you looking for a custom solution?

First, it has been shown that personalized software is more efficient, to improve productivity and customer relations, to respond to the specific needs of specific companies that may not be ready-made solutions. Another advantage of custom software is that you can choose development approaches such as agile methods and cascade methods.
Mobile Technology
In addition, our designers and developers are experts in the creation of leading digital solutions using a wide range of tools, technologies and programming languages. This includes PHP, MySQL, Objective-C, JavaScript, Adobe ColdFusion, Microsoft SQL, etc. With these edge-cutting technologies, you can visually develop spectacular and feature-rich apps. It also integrates with existing solutions and other services to automate routine processes, facilitate content management and facilitate cross-referencing of data.
Programming Language for Mobile Development
Our team is expert in taking advantage of all the key languages ​​of mobile app development, such as:
  • HTML5 is ideal for front-end web applications for mobile devices.
  • Java is the most used programming language. The advantage of Java is that it can be run on search engines or virtual machines that do not require a browser. This flexibility is very useful for code reuse and software updates.
  • If you want to develop complicated applications for Android and Windows, C ++ is recommended.
  • Objective-C is the main programming language of iOS. It is very similar to C ++, but it also has specific functions for graphics, visualization and input / output.
  • Swift describes the Cocoa and Cocoa Touch code, which is Apple's latest API.
  • C # is an extended version of C that corresponds to many unique features of the Microsoft environment.

Language to Select

The programming language you choose to create your app can make all your differences lead to success or lead to problems. So consider carefully all the options you have and choose the correct route for your project. So, what kind of path do we need? Choosing a language is a typical problem in software development. The answer is always the same - it depends.

Decision Making

When creating native applications for iOS, there is no other option than using Objective-C or Swift. If you need an app that is protected in the future with the front-end browser and rich media content, the only option is HTML 5. Anything else, look at the preferences and financial capabilities of its customers, as well as the experience of developers you hired.

Select your Function

With custom apps, instead of using products intended for general users, you can create the software that the target audience wants. For example, the publishing industry needs a program that can print materials as soon as possible, but another company that works in the same area can concentrate on creating high quality products. As you can see, the requirements of the two companies contradict each other. Ready-to-use programs often offer solutions somewhere in the middle, but for the development of custom apps, you can ask developers to focus on specific needs. Meanwhile, spreadsheets can be easily used by employees who are not familiar with Internet technology, which makes it an excellent solution for small and medium businesses. Custom software usually requires special training, but at the same time it is very flexible and covers a wide range of business needs.
Cooperation with Custom Software Development Company
Custom applications are a powerful tool to optimize your processes, attract new buyers and improve customer loyalty. If you want to create an efficient digital solution for your business, experienced coders and technical experts will help you. We offer all kinds of digital products from native mobile applications for key platforms such as iOS and Android to responsive websites, web-based apps, custom software integration and development consulting. We will thoroughly investigate your workflow process and propose ways to improve the way the company works via IT system.