App, Which Can Bring Heaven to Earth

There are so many apps that you can think of right now. Most of them are meaningful as app stores seldom allow any developer to build an app that is not meaningful. Food, railways, flights, radio, TV, utility bills, gas connection, electricity and water happens to be the requirements that are a must for all people. These can make the life of a person quite heavenly and if not present can turn their experience on earth as hellish. Would you like to live in a hell? No one is going to say yes when being asked such type of question. Previously, you were required to pay the bill and in country like United States, you never felt sorry for any service if you have made the payment. In countries like India as well things have now become quite normal and if you have made the payment then you are safe. Though, due to global recession, things have looked quite miserable for past few years since 2008. However, there is one field that has kept the market lively and that is IT sector. App development is a new era concept and above all fields have tempted app developers to make the app on them. These are the apps that can make your life heavenly.
App development has been quite influenced by utility bills. Each state in India has their own electricity departments and they all have apps now. Soon you might find responsive apps as well for each of them. Things have definitely changed and you now have a huge number of apps. There are some sites where you can find only Indian apps though the app market of the whole world is right now governed from cities such as San Francisco. However, you can sear ch for a site which is then linked to these app stores. Various websites are having information about apps and you can find a long list of apps on each of these sites.
These heavenly apps, however, are not free, though, one from government is definitely free. You need not pay for apps that are related to electricity board and you can download them for free or small cost on most of the occasions. Apps related to food are not free though. Various apps are being made for professionals. I heard one politician saying that they want a new type of app. suppose, some missing child is found and he is in search of his father. How good it would be if we can scan children photo and then trace his parents’ location through online data store where all the details like Adhar details or the SSN in United States are being stored. This is definitely a great idea and I feel most of the developers must have started thinking about one such app.
These entire app can turn the whole world into a heaven, though one field still remains unnoticed, though, is the most important requirement to make the world a heaven. Yes, that is security and so many app concepts arise out of security requirements. Once, we have all these apps, we can then assume, that we are in a heaven.