Mobile App Development in the UK and across the Globe

Our UK-based mobile app development company has gained a reputation of a reliable and committed business partner in the IT industry. Trained UK IT experts can provide a mobile solution of any complexity preserving the highest quality, what is proved by our wide portfolio and hundreds of satisfied customers.

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We have an in-house development team, who have mastered:

Since 2010 we have been creating a proven track record working with a number of industries from startup entrepreneurs to establish organisations. We believe that only tight collaboration with our clients can help us to turn their ideas into working mobile applications that drive profit and make a difference.
  • iOS;
  • Android;
  • Windows;
  • Web app creation.

Connect with the customers

Growing business needs to build strong relationships with its customers to create a widely recognised brand and solid reputation. The stream of information that falls on the people every day make it difficult to makes a noticeable appearance. Mobile software development can become a way out providing you with an opportunity to interact with your target audience digitally via their mobile devices, where the average person in the UK spends 3 hours per day in the mobile device using apps. Our UK-based team can help to attract new customers and retain them with an interactive and engaging programs for any operating system. We know how to smoothly integrate your brand and reflect the business identity promoting your company and enhancing your relationships with customers.
Optimise your workflow

As modern smartphones present smart computers in the compact form, our developers can empower your employees’ mobile devices providing apps with rich and robust functionality. Utilising hardware capabilities and software creation tools we can create a powerful program that can transform the way you used to run the business moving it to the next level. There is hardly any challenge that somehow can not be solved with a smart software solution. Time-consuming processes automation, internal operation optimisation, remote working, data processing, increased mobility and productivity. There are numerous ways to improve company efficiency with a proper mobile application. Hire a top UK app developers and find out how to improve the workflow using mobile technologies.

Create bespoke mobile apps

The main advantage of hiring a professional UK developers is the ability to build a bespoke software solution with their assistance. Bespoke app refers to a custom-made software which unlike off-the-shelf software is adjusted to the client’s needs and requirements providing a completely personalised user experience. Our UK-based in-house team have a wealth of experience of custom-designed software creation, and now we have an established development process that ensures catering to all the business need. We learn your business to understand the workflow and enhance it with the app that is integrated with only the relevant features providing a greater user experience and better navigation. Our activity is aimed at helping to reduce unnecessary operations and automating time-consuming procedures and improving overall productivity.


Is it time to replace an off-the-shelf software with a bespoke one?

Custom software can be possible only if developers have extensive expertise, knowledge of IT tendencies and trends, special skills and a high level of competence in the work with the latest technologies. Such a complex and labour-consuming process as software development requires considerable time and money investment. That is why bespoke app creation should be a well-considered decision. An off-the-shelf software has its own limits, and when the business grows at one point of time, it can become ineffective and even slow you down. Sometimes you may need additional functionality to the existing one. In this case, you can ask programmers to integrate this additional features to a system you work with, but this may cause additional problems. You will have to apply to developers every time the software will have updates because system update will keep removing the integrated features, while updates rejection may result in the insecurity, vulnerability and poor performance of the system you work with. Bespoke software development becomes the best solution in such situations. Creation of bespoke mobile apps will also streamline numerous working process, eliminate paperwork, empower the employees to work remotely and be more flexible and finally, will help to improve your customer relationships. If your business got to the point when it needs to move further and reach the next level, then it is time to develop a mobile business app.


Our UK-based in-house team provides an end to end agile development services enhancing mobile delivery capability and ensuring that end product matches all your needs and requirements. Utilising innovative technologies and proven methods, we speed up the program time to market without prejudice to the quality of our services. We can boast to be called a leading UK mobile developers who turn to life the most forward-looking ideas in the form of top-notch applications.

Mobile consultancy

Our experience within the IT industry and across many other sectors we were engaged in while developing mobile solutions for our UK and international customers created a clear understanding how to approach mobile projects and fit them within digital ecosystem the best. Our analysts consider the key technologies and directions, research the market and competitors, study your audience, and deliver hands-on advice helping you to realise the innovative ideas in the most suitable way.

Mobile Strategy

One of the most vital stages in app development is initial project discussion when we choose the development direction and create a mobile strategy for your company. During this stage, we learn your business and acquire an understanding of the business objectives. This knowledge helps us to define the right mobile strategy that will drive the desirable results. Setting the business objectives together we will also help you to outline required program features.

Enterprise Mobility

Forward-looking UK organisations adopt mobile devices empowering them with powerful and functional software so their employees can improve the company productivity, efficiency and overall performance. The growing number of applications in the app stores testifies the demand of mobile software solutions. We help enterprises to implement mobility to deal with the globalisation processes and to keep up with the digital age.
  • Design

    We have a creative and talented designers in our team whose expertise in mobile design was enriched with a wealth of experience. Here at our UK-based company, We adhere to user-centred approach in creation a design, so we start with a knowing your audience better. User analysis helps us to define how to create a design which will fit your program the best considering all the complex interactions between the target audience and app interface.
  • User Experience

    For designing a good user experience, it is vital to understand users’ needs whether it is your customers or employees. Our team obtains a wide range of skills from research methodology to human interface design ensuring seamless navigation and intuitive mobile user experience which encompass users’ perception of interaction with the application. The design team will build a user-friendly and interactive UX design that engages and retains users meeting business objectives and maximising the ROI.
  • User Interface

    Our graphic design skills and aesthetic sense let us create attractive user interface design which enhances the user experience and make users love your application coming back to it again and again. Besides, mobile apps have a strong promotion power, so we will ensure that it reflects your company identity. Our designers are also good team players and will be happy to work together with your PR department ensuring that your brand is implemented throughout your program, from the app icon to the individual menu buttons.
App development
Our UK-based mobile app development company specialises in building smart mobile software for all major platforms, and now our team includes iOS, Android, Windows and web developers with an impressive skillset and coordinated teamwork. Here in the UK, we keep to coding standards and guidelines providing clear, readable code which is easy to maintain. Our developers know how to benefit from operating system capabilities and implement robust functionality ensuring your data safety. Whether you are looking for an app for business, entertainment, news or anything else, our team will help you to reach your goals.
One of our core services is a native iOS app development. Our programmers code with both Objective-C and Swift and use the latest version of Xcode (IDE) which due to recent updates provide extensive editorial capabilities improving code writing and reducing the time of development. Our team will help you to reach the vast audience of iPhone and iPad owners via the Apple App Store, and empower your enterprise with a mobile software for the most secure and stable platform.
Our Java programmers have mastered Android Studio and other SDK tools creating apps for the largest audience of Android platform. Our team consider all the variety of Android devices both tablets and smartphones of different brands and ensures the perfect look and feel of your application on any screen size and resolution. We benefit from more flexible design guidelines ensuring full customisation of your product and help you successfully launch your program on the Google Play App Store. Android is a perfect solution to attract new customers and strengthen your brand awareness.
Windows mobile is pretty often underestimated platform, but if you want to increase your brand awareness you have to consider 50 million Windows users in the UK and all over the globe. Our team has a high competence in designing Windows apps with a Microsoft’s Visual Studio IDE. Considering recent Windows platform update which is directed at the unification of the operating system for all type of devices from PCs to smartphones, developers are getting an opportunity to build apps for all products running Windows 10 with similar functionality.
Web apps
Our UK mobile app development company has strong web developers in our team, who not only can backup the app with a web system but also deliver a web application which works via a browser across all the platforms. Our knowledge of JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, PHP and other web technologies allows us to build powerful apps with rich functionality. Web apps can not utilise some native features but can handle the majority of them without installation. Tell us about your project, and we will help you to select a type of app for your goals.
Our services
Our UK company provides a dedicated team of developers. When your app passed numerous QA tests which ensured high quality of its performance, usability and security, we help you to launch your app and offer our maintenance services helping you to keep your application up to date and integrating additional functionality to meet your growing needs. We can also provide you with analytics on how your program performs and what improvements it may require.